Sunday, August 29, 2010

GRE Vocabulary Podcasts

In the summer before I took the GRE, I came up with the idea of downloading GRE vocabulary podcasts and listening to them while I worked out, rode the bus, etc. So I searched iTunes, and I found a few to try out. I subscribed and was quickly disappointed by their quality. Some had words that were way too easy, some had an automated computer voice reading the words and definitions, some had pronunciation what was difficult to understand, some had way too much chatter and not enough vocabulary, and so on. Based on the iTunes reviews, I guess some people like those shows, but they weren't very helpful for me.
GRE vocabulary audio podcast mp3
GRE Vocabulary Audio Podcast

So I decided to make my own show that has only advanced-level GRE words. Check out my vocabulary podcast, by clicking the link or by searching the iTunes Store for "Advanced GRE & SAT Vocabulary". It is free to download and subscribe, and it can help you ace the GRE. I hope you enjoy the show.
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